Younger adults care

i-care carers look after younger adults aged 18 to 65-years-old with a complete and highly flexible range of home care services.  Each care plan is carefully tailored to your needs and lifestyle, ensuring you will receive the support you need to live at home as independently as possible.  Our home care service for young adults includes short-term respite care, medium to long-term care and intensive 24 hour care.

Health conditions

i-care can look after those with learning or physical disabilities, vision or hearing impairments and those who are mentally ill.  All of our carers are highly trained and qualified, ensuring you can have the peace of mind that you or your loved one is in save, experienced and compassionate hands.

Personal care

Our care for young adults can help with all aspects of personal care, including:

  • Daily washing and dressing
  • Preparing and eating meals
  • Bathing, showering and toileting
  • Applying creams and taking medication
  • Getting up and going to bed

Night sitting

Having a carer there for you throughout the night can sometimes be the difference between being able to live at your own home and having to stay at a care home.  Our trained night sitters can help you with:

  • Going to bed and getting up
  • Taking medication
  • Ensuring you are warm and comfortable
  • Going to the bathroom

Social calls

While living on your own has lots of benefits, on times it can be lonely and you can feel quite isolated.  Seeing a friendly face can be all it takes to lift your spirits, break up the day and give you something to look forward to.  During a social call our carers can:

  • Call in for a chat
  • Read a book with you
  • Help you with your hobbies
  • Play games, such as cards, chess or a jigsaw puzzle
  • Take you on a trip out of the house, such as for some fresh air down the local park or a coffee in the local café
  • Walk or play with your dog

Light domestic duties

We know that living independently in your own home can be hard work, that’s why i-care carers can help you with all aspects of your domestic duties:

  • Cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Washing
  • Ironing
  • Changing of bed clothes
  • Care of pets

Out and about

Many young adults live happy and active lives thanks to our carers, who are able to accompany them wherever they have planned to go, such as:

  • Shopping
  • School or college
  • Activity, hobby or gym clubs
  • Trips down the local park or seaside

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